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Arcade hypercasual games like Color Switch rocked the gaming world with their dynamics, unique physics and upbeat gameplay which always leaves you wanting for more. Well, if you are looking for a new similar challenge, today we have a great new hypercasual arcader in the name of Color Line — Emoji Edition.

Addictive endless tapper

This android fast tap game blends simplicity, with super-vibrant design and simple game mechanics. The goal of the game is to keep the emoji away from the lines (if you touch them, you lose the game) and keep collecting stars. The only way to avoid obstacles is to change sides and you can do that by simply tapping on the screen.

The multi-color line obstacles change their shape and are in constant movement. This adds certain appeal and coolness to the whole game. Of course, Color Line — Emoji Edition is fast paced and challenging game, which, especially when you first try it, will require tons of restarts and replays to get to 10–20 points.

As you collect stars, you can purchase other cool emojis besides the standard smiley emoji. Additionally, for added excitement, you may compete on the global leaderboard.

At the end of the day, Color Line — Emoji Edition will bring you the fast-paced mobile gaming entertainment you’d expect from the hypercasual genre. It’s witty, dynamic, cool & challenging — just like these types of games should be. Try it for free.

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