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Arcade games are certainly one of the most fun and popular games played on smartphones. These games are simple and yet entertaining, challenging your fast reactions as you try to complete your task and win your high scores However, among so many of these games created, finding a fun, addictive and challenging arcade game is not that easy. To help, we looked and found one incredible arcade game with exciting ball bouncing gameplay that you need to try. Let’s discuss about it.

What is Bouncing Ball Survivor about?

Bouncing Ball Survivor is an easy to play and fun ball bouncing game which is developed for android users. In this arcade game, you need to save yourself from the bouncing balls and survive using capsules, mushrooms, bombs and coins. You need to keep yourself alive while the balls are falling from the air by moving right or left.

As you play and progress further in the game you will gain points that can be used to unlock many interesting balls and characters. The falling balls increase and the game will become more challenging too.

Why do we love this arcade game so much?

This arcade game offers the players 3 levels: easy, medium and hard game level. The game it’s an infinite run and save me game so you need to move your man smartly and perfectly to gain scores and more coins to unlock all the bouncing balls.

Save your character from the falling ball, collect coins and collect the bomb to destroy all the balls. All collect the capsule to get an extra life. Very simple for playing and quite addictive, the game offers interesting and unique graphics to enjoy while you put your arcade skills on the test. As a player you are able to set the falling direction of the balls like left, right or both sides as per your challenging level.

Different fun bouncing balls will fall from the air like football, volleyball, crystal, soccer and many more balls. React fast and keep yourself alive avoiding and destroying the falling balls.

Download the game now for free on Google Play to save yourself from the bouncing balls and survive!

Google Play Download Link: Bouncing Ball Survivor

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