Game of the Day — Bacydar

This new AR driving game has been rising on the App Store ranks as one of the best augmented reality games.

What is Bacydar?

A super thrilling levitating driving experience where gravitational forces and obstacles will charm your senses. It’s one of the most advanced ar driving games for you to drive, levitate, and walk with the action in an augmented reality circuit.

Standout Features:

  • Thrilling levitating driving experience
  • Stunning graphics, design, and sound effects
  • Augmented reality circuit explored in loops and different moving angles
  • Drive and walk with the action
  • Gravitation forces and obstacles to charm your senses
  • Cool AI machine agents
  • No registration, no ads, and no data collection
  • Working on iPhone X or up
  • Free for download

Uniqueness: Medium

Fun of play: High

Potential of going viral: Medium


Compatibility: IOS 13.0 or later

Developer: Marcin Skorek

App Store Download Link: Bacydar



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