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If you are not very good at selling and you still want to sell some used clothes and clean your wardrobe, you can find help easily with the right app on your phone. To help, we looked for this type of app and we found one convenient app to simplify selling clothes for you, an app where you can connect with pro sellers to do that job for you. Read more about it.

General Intro

Developed for IOS users, Flyp is a practical clothes selling app that offers a convenient and fast way for you to sell your used clothes, shoes, and handbags. The app has a clean user-friendly interface, it quite easy to use, giving you the ability to sell clothes without much time wasted. Just find yourself a seller to do the job for you and start earning money with the help of this app.

App Features

This clothes selling app will make selling used clothes easy and quick. The app gives you the chance to sell clothes from your wardrobe by taking a photo of any item you want to sell and posting it on the app for pro sellers to send applications and do the job for you, giving you estimated prices for each item. You can only snap one photo for each item.

Choose the seller to do the job for you and send the items for sale to them for free. When the seller sells an item you’ll get paid. Just sit back and relax while earning. You can also apply to become a pro seller on the app and start selling other people’s clothes. You will get clothes shipped to you, you get to sell the items and keep your commission.

Download the app on App Store and find pro sellers to sell your clothes and earn!

Official Website: Flyp

App Store Download Link: Flyp

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