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Most people sit too much, and it’s hurting their health. Sitting has been linked to an increased risk of cancer, as well as heart disease, diabetes and just plain death from any cause. Sitting a lot might even make you more anxious. When it comes to incorporating a little more movement into daily life, a pedometer can help by providing a shot of motivation. Fitness trackers, like the ones from Jawbone and Fitbit, are popular options. But if you tend to have your smartphone on you at all times, why not download an app that can track your steps as well as a fitness tracker? We’ve got the perfect one for you!

What is Fitness Bot?

We’re talking about Fitness Bot, an efficient and free Android app for counting steps and burnt calories. Developed by Quasar Corp. and released on the Android platform, this step counter offers a wide range of features and shines with intuitive user interface. We loved it because it really stands our from the crowd.

Standout Features

Fitness Bot is a unique app because it works in a different way than most apps. Instead of using your phone’s GPS and draining your battery, the app uses its built-in sensors to count your steps and to help in measuring calories burned each day. So if you want to save your battery life and keep track of your steps and burnt calories at the same time, Fitness Bot is made for you. Also, it can measure environmental humidity and your height from sea level, so that you can be aware about the weather conditions. Simply tap start or stop, carry your device with you and let the app run in the background.

Download this amazing pedometer on your Android device by clicking the following Google Play link — it’s completely free to use!

Google Play Download Link: Fitness Bot

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