FireFan Review — What is Firefan?

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The App That Got the Attention of the Sports World

If you have heard on the Internet , from your friends or family members about Firefan, you are most likely asking yourself What is Firefan? In this article and short presentation of Firefan you will learn about the app its features and how to use it.

The fuss and talk

After the months of preparation Firefan is finally released today on Thanksgiving in the public and the most awaited moment is here. Fire Fan lets you the fan feel like you are a major part of the game. There has NEVER been a game like Fire Fan.

Perfect for Interactive Sport Fans

If you an interactive sports fan? If you are you are going to love FireFan. This will be the sports app people will be talking about for years to come. Basically, before the game you get the chance to predict a number of things such as the match winner and the score. You will be given a bunch of free tokens right from the start and also you can earn tokens either through in-app purchases, by playing game to earn point that are later converted to tokens or by watching adverts.

Firefan is designed to be a very social tool, so you can set up games against your friends, colleagues, neighbors and so on and see how you fare against them. And you can connect with and chat to sports stars and celebs as well. So it’s meant to have more of a fun element to it, rather than just being about pure predicting.

In Firefan you try to predict what will happen next:

* Will they punt the ball?

* Will they go for it on 4th and inches?

* Who will score the first goal?

* Who will win the coin toss?

* Who will make the first scissor or bicycle kick?

How to use it?

1. Find the FireFan sports app in the Google Play /App Store of your mobile device.
2. Install FireFan
3. Enter code “FireUp33” during signup (which is 100% FREE)
4. Launch app and begin your journey

To get registered just follow the link below and get your free tokens!

Official website for Firefan signup: Firefan app

You will have the opportunity to earn a load more tokens by sharing the app with your friends.

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