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Whether you’re looking to eat more plant-based food, looking for vegan drinks, or trying to eliminate animal products altogether, there’s an app for that. The ease of use and accessibility of the app we will talk about today makes it so that many of the alcoholic beverages shopping difficulties of veganism all but non-existent.

BevVeg App Introduction

BevVeg is a vegan directory to find or check if an alcoholic beverage is vegan. This vegan wine search app contains data about over 2 million beverages making it one of the largest directories of its kind.

Search or Comment

When you first open the app you can get information about the basic badges. So, within the app, a product can be vegan (not certified), vegan (certified), not vegan, no information. Once you acknowledge that, you can start your search for a vegan drink, or enter the exact brand and drink and check whether it is vegan.

Additionally, you can comment on each drink listing and confirm or deny if a product is completely vegan. As this app is created from BevVeg, a law firm that gives international vegan certifications, you can also contact a certain brand to get vegan certification for their drinks.

At the end of the day, this is a great tool for vegans, as it gives peace of mind about which drinks are suitable for a plant-based diet. Try it for free on Google Play or App Store.

App Store Download Link: BevVeg

Google Play Download Link: BevVeg

Website: BevVeg

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