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Budgeting and personal finance planning were once the stuff of meticulously detailed spreadsheets and carefully organized notebooks. But technology has come, conquered, and thoroughly disrupted the industry, making budgeting a simple matter of downloading an app and letting your phone do the work for you. So, today we’ll cover one of the best budgeting and personal finance planning tools — WeVest. This cross platform app is here to help you plan every aspect of your finances much better and thoroughly.

What is WeVest?

WeVest Financial Planning is an USA-only cross-platform free finance planning app. To put it simple: it analyzes every parameter of your personal finances and then recommends actionable insights using its advanced algorithm.

How to start using it and how can it help?

Once you sign up you need to enter information about your age, yearly income, estimated tax rate, minimum payments, specific saving goals, income of investment process and similar data. You need also to fill in the data about your accounts, investment accounts, loans and so on.

Then let WeVest Financial Planning do its analysis and you’ll get actionable insights. For us the process was fast and almost effortless. The data we got was surprisingly detailed and we predict that it can be of great use to anyone.

There is data about your net worth, potential saving goals for different aspects of your plan for retirement, net worth optimization and improvement, financial progress tracking and forecast for each of your accounts and loans, and more.


Like you, we also asked ourselves, whether this finance planning app is secure. But because of the fact that WeVest doesn’t ask for your bank information, Social Security #, address, or other identifying personal information and because they use 256-bit encryption to protect your information, we can say that it is 100% secure. Especially since you don’t need to use your real name or real email address.

You can try it for free on any platform since besides iOS & Android app, it features a web app on their official website. Currently available for USA only.

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