Fear2Peace is Much More Than Just A Regular Christians App

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What is the role of modern technology to fulfil the Great Commission? One of the most interesting opportunities for Christians is using apps. Why use Christian apps? Each Christian app is tailor-made and has its own unique features. There are so many apps based on Christianity available today. We’ve search both App Store and Google Play in order to help you to pick the best of the bunch. That’s how we found Fear2Peace, an incredible Christian mobile app that combines scripture and the voice of Jesus, soothing ambient Christian music, videos and photos helping others find ‘instant peace’ through God’s grace.

What is Fear2Peace all about?

Educational app for Christians, developed for both android and IOS users that need help finding their purpose in life or solving their personal problems. Users can listen to the profound Christian preaching, finding the right way to solve their personal problems with the help of Jesus, with words delivered with Love from God. Users are able hear His Voice, always, following Jesus. Using a scripture to help its users find their purpose in life, the app gives life solutions.

The scripture’s voice is meant to be that of Jesus, offering users a way to go from pain to eternal peace. Currently the app is counting over 100,000 followers on their Facebook page and over 100.000 in their prayer group. With the theory that God gives us all dreams on what our purpose in life, this app gives people solutions how they can fulfil their purpose in life.

Standout Features

Fear2Peace features a combination of scripture and the voice of Jesus, beautiful ambient music, and photos that can help others find ‘instant peace’ through God’s grace, following Jesus and finding life. Users just need to do is to be still and listen the scripture, one word at a time. The app shows the users that the way of God is truly the only way for experiencing inner peace through His Word and His Love, with 21 different personal problems discussed. On this app, you can find solutions for the problems all people go through at some point in their life. All users can listen to the voice is meant to be of Jesus, finding words of comfort and joy. Users can listen to different videos for their purpose in life and how to find it, addictions, envy, ending relationships, bettering every aspect of their lives.

Download the app on Google Play and App Store now for free.

Official Website: Fear2Peace

Google Play Download Link: Fear2Peace

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