Excel Manager Toolbox is a Neat & Helpful Excel Template To Manage & Delegate Tasks

This simple and powerful Excel VBA Template includes an easy to use Task Manager and a Meeting Minutes template, all in one.

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Delegating and managing tasks can be complicated. So, today we decided to talk about, and recommend, a simple task manager which works for Excel, the simple software by Microsoft which you already probably use. We are talking about Excel Manager Toolbox.

What is Excel Manager Toolbox?

Excel Manager Toolbox is an app that serves as excel template for task management & meetings organizing/tracking which you simply add to your existing Excel. With variety of great task management and tracking features, it then allows you to delegate and follow tasks for all your employees.

Track & stay organized

First of all, we must emphasize how exquisite and easy to use this excel template is. You can easily assign tasks for every employee, set priorities, dates, as well as send alerts and email reports (all task reports are printable). This may increase your productivity and efficiency, as well as keep you organized in completing projects or achieving certain goals.

For each of the tasks and meetings you can synchronize and take notes, which enhances your organization and tracking even more. On top of the template you can view tasks and meetings with each employee, see which tasks are completed, ongoing or overdue. This makes the communication with your team much more effective.

Excel Manager Toolbox costs around $25 and is currently on a 50% sale until the end of April. You need to have Microsoft Excel 2010 or older in order to use it. You can have a quick overview of the features in the video below too.

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