Drop the Blocks to Fill and Clear the Rows — Xbrick Box Puzzle

One of the most popular games among smartphone users is puzzle games. This type of game can be quite entertaining and at the same time quite challenging for your brain. If you are looking for a puzzle game to relax, test your skills and unwind, we looked and we found Xbrick Box Puzzle, the brick puzzle game that will put your puzzle skills on the test.

Basic Introduction

This brick puzzle game is very addictive and entertaining developed on the Android platform while putting your puzzle skills on the test. Enjoy the fun design and cool sound effects with simple on-screen controls as you drop the bricks in the right order so you can clear the rows both vertically and horizontally to clear the bricks and make space for the new bricks falling down the screen.

Modes, Difficulty, and Scores

Xbrick Box Puzzle is offering you a fun addictive gameplay and variety of features to enjoy while you are puzzling. In this game you can choose between two modes, the classic and the challenge. The classic mode offers you to choose the puzzle difficulty and try to reach the goal without any time limitations.

The on-screen controls are available for you to move the blocks as you want and change their position to suit the rows perfectly. In the challenge mode you can choose between the beginner, advance, master and expert world. To unlock these worlds you need use stars. To get stars you need to collect high scores by clearing all the lines you possibly can and win stars for your achievements.

Download it on Google Play to drop the bricks in right order and clear all the rows you can!

Google Play Download Link: Xbrick Box Puzzle



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