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For all action and race lovers out there, there are plenty racing and chasing games available for smartphones. However, is not that easy choosing an exciting and challenging game of this type among so many of them developed. That’s why we are here to help you out. We discovered Hyper Cha$e, the endless chase game that fill you will adrenaline.

Basic Introduction

Exciting and adrenaline filled endless chase game for all action racing lovers that like to test their racing skills by surviving as long as possible and dodging the cops chasing you. Developed on the Android platform, this cop chase game offers a simple gameplay with sharp graphics and cool sound effects as you try to race, drift and survive the cop pursuit as long as you can.

Game’s Features

In Hyper Cha$e your only task is to stay in the game and survive as long as you can without the cops catching you. Be fast and race like a pro just by tapping on the screen to move your racing car left and right. In various cars the cops will be chasing you from multiple sides and you need to drift and dodge their vehicles for as long as possible.

The longer you survive in the game, higher the scores for you. Your only goal in Hyper Cha$e is to see how long you can survive without being caught by the cops. Try to avoid the cops and all the obstacles on the way, grabbing all the loots you possibly can to win the highest scores, get away from the cops and survive the chase.

Download it on Google Play now to dodge the cops and survive their pursuit!

Google Play Download Link: Hyper Cha$e

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