Download and Save Any Social Media Status and Story with Tynzy Save Up

  • Simple and easy status downloader app UI/UX
  • Sample and easy Videos and images posts downloader app
  • Use the app to save image and video status in your device
  • Save status or save stories to view or use them later on your account
  • Use share option of social media platforms to download images and videos
  • High quality video saver app to save and keep all video media from stories and posts
  • View the saved media from different social media platforms categorized in the app
  • Download pre-saved status or new status from social media
  • Copy paste links manually or automatically using the paste options
  • Fast downloading speeds and high quality image and video results
  • Safe and secure status downloader app backed by proper privacy policy compliance
  • Save stories quickly and easily to view them at your choice at any time



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