Dino Terror 2 Is a Sequel of the Famous Dino Terror Game for Android

This exciting game will soon be published on Google Play, currently is available for pre-register.

This dinosaur survival escape game is designed by the creators of Dino Terror with even more challenges and an even more thrilling gameplay. Developed on the Android platform, this game has simple and intuitive UI and realistic graphics for immersive gaming. It will put your skills on the test as you try to escape from the terrifying dinosaurs and survive their attacks.

Gameplay. Controls, and More

Dino Terror 2 offers an addictive exciting gameplay and variety of features to get you hooked on your first try. Dino Terror required from you to escape from the level one laboratory, however in Dino Terror 2 the velociraptor lander keeps chasing you and you have to escape it again. Remove the locks on the door of level 2 laboratory to continue running and make your escape from the two terrifying dinosaurs. You need to find your way out the laboratory. But be careful of the dinosaur attacks.

You need to run, hide, and make no noise, moving stealthy to the doors to get them unlocked. In this escape strategy game with horror game ambience, you need to be fast and strategic to escape the dinosaurs. Make sure to scan the room from every angle before you make a move. In this game you have 3–5 lives to make your escape. Try to make no sound, hide wherever you can and try to complete this dinosaur adventure without the dinosaurs catching you. Survive the attacks to win.

Download it on Google Play to put your survival and escape skills to the test and survive the dinosaurs!

Google Play Download Link: Dino Terror 2

Google Play Download Link: Dino Terror



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