Date&Game for iOS & Android is Set To Revolutionize Dating In the UK

This is refreshing and revolutionary app in the world of dating apps offers you the chance to level up your dating life with more than just shallow conversations.

Date&Game is a UK dating app for Android and iOS that allows you to play retro-styled arcades to find your match. It’s packed with mini games, you get to join arms, battle with friends, and game your way to finding the right dating match.

Play, Match, and Date

Date&Game with its features will allow you to explore your preferences and jump straight into action while having fun. You get to play thrilling mini games where you work along your matches or battle it out. Experience fun virtual dates to see how compatible you are before even deciding to take it to the next level. You can even invite your friends in to have fun whenever your matches aren’t online.

Just send game invites via WhatsApp, email, and social media platforms. Your avatar can be customized as you want and show off your style by earning exclusive avatar parts. On the app, there are premium features in GODMODE for experiencing even more power. Be seen by more gamers, have unlimited resurrection, more combos, unlimited swipes per day, and enjoy blind gaming. Get your dating life to the next level and find your match through fun and play.

Download it on App Store and Google Play to level up your dating life!

Official Website: Date&Game

App Store Download Link: Date&Game

Google Play Download Link: Date&Game



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