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Whether you want to sketch a rough drawing on your iPad to finish later on your computer or create a finished painting or artwork, there has never been a better time to get creative on your iOS device while you’re out and about. Although nothing can truly replace a good piece of paper or sheet of canvas for an artist, the iOS comes incredibly close to bringing digital art up to the same level as analog art creation. There are plenty of good options available through the app stores and to provide you the right one we have selected an app, Paint, Doodle & Sketch board.

What is Drawing Desk — Draw, Paint, Doodle & Sketch board?

Drawing Desk — Draw, Paint, Doodle & Sketch board is a creativity companion that eliminates the use of paper, canvas and the other tools that are needed to Draw, Paint or Doodle. Well starting with its user interface, its simplistic and fun design approach, all the features are well laid out and simple to understand. The unique thing about this app that also makes it preferable from the rest of the app is its four categories in which different tools are presently based on your skills set and mood as well. These categories are Kids Desk, Doodle Desk, Sketch Desk and Photo Desk.

Kids Desk is where this app truly shines. This section of the app is certainly appealing to younger and even older kids. Kids can use a variety of different drawing tools and different brush sizes/widths as well as all kinds of cool things like stickers, graphics, shapes and more. The whole time kids are creating while using this app there is sound effects and music to help make the atmosphere that much more light and enjoyable.

Your work can be saved and shared by email; Facebook & Twitter. You can print your artwork from within the app, which is perfect for printing those masterpieces that you make. In the Sketch Desk section, you can use a pencil, pen, or paintbrush, while the Kids Desk features brushes. It is time to get creative and the Drawing Desk — Draw, Paint, Doodle & Sketch board app is a great way to do so. Have it free today for your iOS and have a fun time. You can find the direct download link to the app at the end of this review.
App Store Download Link: Drawing Desk — Draw, Paint, Doodle & Sketch board

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