Connect on All Social Media with Rola — The New Social Profile Manager & Sharing App

The app makes it easy to share all your social profiles at once.

Have you’ve just met a group of people (let’s imagine new classmates) and now you want to connect with them on social media? What often follows is confusion and frustration. Not only because the average person has around 9 social network accounts, but because you need to find and follow a group of people. That’s why today we will review and present Rola, a new social app that makes connecting on all popular social networks easy.

General Intro — Rola

At its core, Rola is an all in one social profile sharing app. It allows users to add and then share all their social media profiles from one place. Instead of having to manually enter usernames and names, Rola users can go to all social profiles with simple taps.

This process of going to any desired social profile of a person saves time and effort. Especially, when you need to connect with a group of people you’ve just met. In that way, Rola can be of extreme help for individuals that frequently meet new people.

Great Privacy Control

When you sign up on Rola, it’s best to use your real name for easy discovery. This doesn’t mean that you can’t control your privacy. On the contrary, Rola gives you great control with features such as the one that hides your surname.

If you are ready to simplify how you share your social profiles and connect on social media, Rola is a must-have. Try it for free on almost any Android or iOS mobile device.

App Store Download Link: Rola

Google Play Download Link: Rola

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