Complice Launches For iOS To Help Users Find Wingmen for Different Life Activities and Passions

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26 July, 2017 Santa Barbara, CA Complice the iOS social networking app for finding wingmen and partners for various life activities and passions launches on the App Store.

The range of usage of Complice is limitless. Users can ask other users for hiking, sport activities, concert visits, tours, travel, college help and more. The broad usage of the app is making it useful for wide variety of demographics.

“The app idea arose few months ago when I desperately needed a person or group of people to join me for a Foo Fighters concert. None of my close friends or relatives wanted or had time to go to this concert with me. So, together with my friend, who was also unable to go with me, we had the first initial idea for Complice,” stated Kyle McMillan one of the founders of Complice.

Complice offers great set of social features like requesting a Complice by age, gender, and passion/reason for the user’s need to find a Complice.

“We initially clicked once we realized the huge potential Complice has. Users can literally use it in any way they want, but the end result will always lead to improvement in the lifestyle and quality of life. Life can indeed be better if we do things with great Complices,” added Mary Stilwell, a partner in creating Complice.

The app is free to download and users need to create profiles in order to get connected with Complices.

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