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Unique concept of learning through education quiz questions for students that don’t have conditions to learn or have hard time to find motivation to learn.

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Many educational games and quizzes are created that will push our brains to think and learn more effectively, while keeping our attention and even rewarding us for our achievements. Finding the perfect learning app is not that easy but we did our research and we discovered one incredibly effective and innovative educational quiz learning game that could help students better their academic performance with highly efficient competitive learning methods. Let’s discuss about it.

What is BookTime Africa all about?

The BookTime Africa is an educational quiz learning app, innovative and engaging that offers a learning concept with educational questions suitable to eradicate complacency, reluctance to learn and poor academic performance in students, especially in Africa. Developed for android users, this quiz is perfect for students in need of tutors, educational sessions and need a competitive learning method that will help them to learn better with more effectiveness.

Standout features

All general knowledge learning questions are formulated from multiple topics within the score of subjects and curriculum taught in classes with subjects like English, Mathematics, Basic Science, Introductory Technology, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics, Commerce, Accounting and other included. All answers are comprehensive to teach and help you learn. Fitting for each educational level, the app is differentiated in categories and the questions formulated serve as a preparatory tool for students preparing for public examinations with monetary reward offered that serves as a financial empowerment too. To create real time interactive sessions like live tutor/examiner — student interactions, the app offers advanced technologies of Al and ML. Available for downloads divided in topics, question packs of various sizes are available for downloads. Randomly asked from a selected topic of a subject, the quiz question is asked and users need to answer within 35 seconds before the next question is loaded. Accumulate 1000 points to get cash reward of 200$, with 5 points for each correct answer given and 5 deducted if you give a wrong one. Simple to navigate, create your profile and access all your progress, performance and information within the app at all times.

Download it now for free on Google Play to use a competitive learning method for more effective learning!

Google Play Download Link: BookTime Africa

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