Communication App of the Week — Primler — Private Messaging Scheduler

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Here comes an amazing private messaging scheduler app for all Android users that want to communicate in a much more interesting way. Primler is a communication app for scheduling messages for the future and sending them privately to anyone. We love the app so much, so we’re presenting it to you as our Communication App of the Week.

What is so special about this app?

Developed for android users, simple for using but highly helpful and efficient, this communication app offers users to to anyone they like at any time without revealing their identity, sharing their private thoughts and views completely safe and protected. This schedule maker for messages is allowing its users to set time, dates and time zones for each scheduled message. This is one very interesting mode for communication, helping users to protect their privacy and share privileged messages by choice with specific people at specific times.

What are the best features of this app?

Primler has to offer many practical and helpful features that are offering to protect and share his views and thoughts only with people he likes at times he likes to. On the app users are able to share feedbacks and messages instantly and privately whenever they want. All the messages can get respond by recipients by using the web link or by using this scheduler maker app. On every scheduled message users are able to set hours, days, months, years and even users are allowed to choose a specific time and date for any country time zone anywhere in the world. Users can also choose to send one scheduled message to multiple recipients and to send attachments with ever message. The scheduled messages before the time for sending arrives can edit the messages by canceling them or rescheduling them.

Prior and after a message is sent the user is getting notifications to keep track with his schedules. Even without Internet connection and even if the phone is off, a scheduled message will be send.

Download the app on Google Play now for free and send private messages in scheduled time!

Google Play Download Link:

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