Clock Vault is a New Locker App To Hide Documents, Photos, Folders, Notes On your Android

This phone vault app will hide, protect, and secure everything on your phone. Developed on the Android platform, it cloaks and adds another level of bank grade protection on your private and secure data, photos, and videos as well. It will take security on your phone to the next level, keeping your apps and files protected from prying eyes, only accessible to you.

Protect and Secure

Clock Vault with its features can hide and protect the apps, photos, videos, and data on your phone. Access the protected data and files only through a powerful password known only to you. With this app, there are multiple layers of protection for hiding confidential information or anything you might want to stay private. Just install the app, set time on the clock as a secret password, set and confirm the password.

To recover the password in case you forget, you can set a security question. You will need to give permission to access the gallery and apps on your phone and just tap done. Tap the center of the clock and enter the password whenever you want to unlock something. The app will auto discover photos videos and apps and hide them automatically. It’s secretly disguised as a clock app on your phone. Also, the app comes with in-built private image viewer, gallery and private video player. You will also be able to safely browse websites with the in-built vault private browser. It’s adding another strong security layer, encrypting the data to make sure no one gets to it.

Download it on Google Play to take your phone’s security to the next level!

Google Play Download Link: Clock Vault



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