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Puzzle games have challenged human beings for centuries. But for modern puzzle gamers, few resources are quite as ready, willing, and able to challenge to the problem-solving side of our brain. With literally thousands of puzzle games to choose from on the App Store, it’s sometimes hard to not feel paralyzed by choice. But, no worries, we looked and we have for you one puzzle game with exciting and challenging gameplay. Let’s see what the game offers you.

What is Faraway: Puzzle Escape all about?

The Faraway is certainly highly unique and entertaining puzzle game offering exciting adventures for exploring. Developed for IOS and android users the game is giving its players amazing gameplay with many different challenging and mysterious puzzles for solving. The challenging puzzles of the game need to be solved for the player to discover the ancient ruins. The sound effects and amazing graphics on the game are keeping players addicted to the game. All users need to do is to solve the puzzles to escape the labyrinths in the temples.

Standout Features

Players on the game are getting one highly challenging and exciting escape puzzle and adventure gameplay with more than 18 grand temples full with different compelling puzzles. The story behind this gameplay is quite mysterious. The player needs to follow the footstep of his father that went missing 10 years ago when he was collecting mysterious artifacts. The player on this game needs to go from deserts and oasis to ancient ruins of the ancient civilization with different constructed devices and puzzles, discover and see if he is worthy of knowing all the secrets of the civilization. With observing the environment, collecting unusual items, manipulating devices and solving challenging puzzles, the player will escape the labyrinths in the temples.

The 3D world of the game is very easy for navigation and players get to collect pages of their missing dad’s diary while playing to find out what happened to their family. Download the game on Google Play and App Store now for free.

Google Play Download Link: Faraway: Puzzle Escape

App Store Download Link: Faraway: Puzzle Escape

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