Boxes is a Minimal & Ultra-Fun Logical Box Matching Game

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Smartphone touchscreen controls offer a unique opportunity for puzzle game developers. Our pocket devices are uniquely suited for clever puzzle games because they’re easy to pick up and play whenever you have a few free moments. If you’re looking for a game to test your brain, the game we’ll cover today — Boxes is a perfect choice.

General Introduction

Boxes is an android puzzle ad-free game where you need to match 3 or more boxes on a rotating grid. The game requires quick thinking, good strategy and fast reaction. With its minimal graphics, yet super engaging & mind teasing gameplay, it’s a great brain training in your free time.

Different Types of Boxes & High Score Rankings

As the grid of boxes rotates, there are fixed black boxes that are the base. From then on you need to create your own destiny i.e place the boxes in the right way so there is always place to put the box. But besides the colored boxes that you need to match, there are also random boxes & direction change boxes which will make a mess in your game.

From our experience the game can be hard for many players. However, it is super fun and addictive. If you think your high score is good, you can compare it with other players and use it as a motivation to always do your best. At the end of the day, Boxes is a great brain training and a fun game which you can try for free on Google Play (soon it will be available on the app store too).

Google Play Download Link: Boxes

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