Blurry photo editor Helps You Take Your Photos On A Stunning Level

This is a great tool for all you who regularly post photos on social media.

This blurry photo editor is designed for you to create bokeh blur and faded backgrounds and put your portrait in focus with ease. Developed on the Android platform, the app allows you to blur backgrounds automatically and edit the photos manually. You can change backgrounds, blur like a pro and control the blur effect, edit, and more using this app.

Photo Editor, Effects, and More

Blurry Photo Editor is offering bokeh camera effect with one tap auto blur photo editing tools to take your photos to the next level. The app offers lot of fun stickers, selfie camera effects, photo blurring, blur bokeh lens tools and other for you to edit photo like a pro. You can add, focus camera, put faded backgrounds, blurred backgrounds/blur effects and more using this app.

Get rid of any nuisance of your photos quickly with editing tools and filters/effects available and control the effects with simple taps and adjust the level for each filter/blur without much effort. With this app you can blur photos and unwanted objects with many bokeh effects, portrait, snow, and auto focus effects. Apply nature backgrounds in pictures, adjust images, apply blur on cascade images, decorate photos with beautiful blur frames and filters and adjust photos as you like, just using one app.

Download it on Google Play to take your photos to the next level!

Google Play Download Link: Blurry photo editor

Developer: Pixasense



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