Block Champz is a New Block Puzzle for iOS where You Can Compete & Earn Cash

Block Champz was already introduced here as the competitive and fun block puzzle game where you get to puzzle and play against real players worldwide and win real prizes for your achievements. Because we liked this game and all that it offers so much, we decided to pronounce it as our Puzzle Game of the Week.

General Intro

Developed for IOS users, built on Skillz, these block puzzles will put your skills on the test while you have fun competing against other players worldwide and win real prizes for your achievements. Block Champz is easy and addictive to play, with an exciting block puzzle gameplay similar to Tetris where you drag blocks, fill and explore rows to score big and win against the other players.

Game’s Features

Your strategical skills are put on test with Block Champz. Drag the blocks in the board to fill the rows and explore them. Use the bombs to clear rows and win scores and combos. The time is limited, each game is timed at 1:00 but you can win back time by clearing rows and scoring combos.

Streak bonuses are given to you for clearing multiple rows at once and combo bonuses for clearing both horizontal and vertical rows at the same time. Compete against real players all around the world in head-to-head or multiplayer tournaments. The player that gets the highest scores, wins the game. Block Champz offers trophies, leaderboards, cash and other virtual prizes as well it has an amazing loyalty program to be a part of.

Download the game on App Store to drag blocks, explore rows, and compete!

App Store Download Link: Block Champz



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