BestHour Shows You the Businesses & Venues with the Least Traffic in Real-Time

In the midst of a global pandemic, it’s handy having an app that helps avoid traffic & unnecessary contacts.

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Visiting businesses at the least crowded time of the day can be tricky if you don’t have all the fresh traffic information for the business available. That’s why you need the right app on your phone to keep you updated at all times. We found one app that will give you the latest live traffic data and popular visiting hours for any popular business you are interested in visiting. Read and learn more about it.

Basic Introduction

This app is easy to use and super convenient with a clean user-friendly interface for people that would like to get forecast popular hours and live traffic data for all popular businesses. Developed on the Android platform, the app allows with just a tap on your phone to instantly get fresh updates for businesses at all times. All you need is to choose a venue and you’ll get information about it.

Live Data, Optimal Visiting Times, and More

BestHour has variety of features to offer you. With the help of the app you will get all information about a venue you choose and what’s happening at the current moment in it for you to decide if you should visit it or not based on the venue’s population in that moment. You will be able to find out if the venue in the moment is busy or not compared to the forecast.

The venue’s optimal hours are available within the app like the day and the hour when the venue is crowded the most. The peak analysis tool offers to automatically forecast the peak of visitors pee day and keep you informed of all the peaks per day, the time the peak both starts and ends, and the hour when people go into the venue and leave the venue too.

Download it on Google Play to see how crowded a venue is before deciding to visit it or not!

Google Play Download Link: BestHour

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