Armada Commander for Android is One of the Most Stunning RTS Space Battles

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While science-fiction-steeped games tend to fare best on consoles and PC, quite a few sci-fi space games reach the mobile market as well. However, given the shovelware that clutters Google’s app stores, it might be hard to figure out what space inspired games are worth your time. Today we will talk about one of the very best ones — Armada Commander.

Why you’ll love it?

Armada Commander offers amazing playability, gameplay, visuals and optimal challenging moments to keep you engaged and entertained. This means that it ticks almost all boxes of a perfect RTS space battle.

What to expect?

You are in the role of a commander of a fleet and its spaceships. Your goal is to liberate the space stations of fallen Omegus Galaxy. And since this galaxy is occupied by 150 alien spaceships and 12 different alien spieces, you are sure to have fun time in completing the missions and destroying the waves of alien attacks.

Trully impressive scenery, upgrades, live-control

If you love RTS battles, expect pure entertainment. You need to manage, build and upgrade spaceships, and Armada Commander makes it easy for you to understand your purpose and mission with neat tutorials.

The control of your POV is at the bottom. After you complete the starting steps and mini tutorial you are ready for battle. In order to dominate your battles, make sure you collect and use the 50+ research modules to upgrade armor, shield and weapons.

Another great thing about Armada Commander is the graphics and sound effects. Actually, this is one of the visually most appealing space RTS games we ever reviewed.

If the storyline and this review attracted you, good news that Armada Container is a free game. So don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy some exiting rts now for free.

Google Play Download Link: Armada Commander: RTS Space Battles

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