App Review — SwopAnything

What if you could stop wasting time and money to buy and sell? What if there is an option for you to trade anything you want, from skills and products to services and experiences? Nowadays to do this, all you need is the right app on your smartphone and we found the app that can do all these things for you. Read and learn more about a new app that enables you to achieve just that.

General Intro

This swap app is great for everyone that wishes to stop buying and selling and starts to swop and donate to reputable charities in need of assistance. Developed on both Android and IOS platforms, currently available in South Africa but soon for the whole world, the app offers you to swop everything, from services, products, experiences, homes, clothes, to skills just with a few taps on your phone.

App’s Features

Free of commissions and any fees, you can swop anything you want within this app for free, money is completely optional on SwopAnything. With the help of this trading app you get to swop everything, from life skills to zoom artistic performances, recipes to virtual reality, and other great swop options.

All you need to do is create a profile. Start searching for anything you are interested to trade and use the app’s amazing search option to search fast through categories and subcategories that interest you based on your current location with titles of things you want to swop.

Get discovered by users, interested to swop with you, and create listings of your own. Follow and get followers, search for people nearby, and connect with people that you are interested to swop with on the app’s chat. Listings can be put in your favorites for you to easily discover them and you can also easily find all the popular listings with just a tap. Use the app and start buying and selling. Swop anything you can think of at any time.

Download it on Google Play and App Store and start to swop for anything you can think of!

App Store Download Link: SwopAnything

Google Play Download Link: SwopAnything



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