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RoSpikes, or Roku Remote Control (WiFi+IR): RoSpikes, as the official name of the app is on Google Play, is a new roku remote app by Spikes Labs. These developers already have a variety of remote-control apps, and now they come with probably the best and most complete one.

General info RoSpikes

RoSpikes is a free remote-control app for Roku streaming dongles and Roku TVs. This app is optimized for WiFi & IR control, meaning it can remotely control any Roku streaming dongle & TV.

Why you’ll love it

This advanced app has a long list of handy features which you can check in their tutorial video. At a glance, the best features is the simplicity, sleek UI, automatic scan, WiFi & IR support, and the fact that it supports all Roku buttons (it even supports shake to play).

When it comes to streaming your media like videos and photos, RoSpikes is great here too! The connection and control are seamless.

Before giving it a try make sure you have a Roku supported device. If you do, this app will be of extreme help and you’ll love using it daily. It’s feature-rich, responsive, neat and has a clean design. Download for this roku remote controller for free on Google Play.

Google Play Download Link: Roku Remote Control (WiFi+IR): RoSpikes

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