Android Game of the Day — Free Hot Vegas Slot Machine 777

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Looking for a new slot machine game for your Android? You might want to check our today’s Game of the Day — Free Hot Vegas Slot Machine 777.

What is Free Hot Vegas Slot Machine 777?

This new slot machine game was recently launched for Android and it offers the classic 777 slots experience. This means that you are playing on slots where the match of sevens will bring you the biggest wins. There are also fruits, coins, diamonds, horseshoe and more!

Graphics & gameplay

The graphics and gameplay are quality and the speed is medium. You have the expected controls and features when playing like max bet option, auto spin, ability to change bets, paying lines and to control spin by yourself.

Daily bonuses

Every day you get a bonus of 500 coins. Alternatively, you can play a memory game & spin the wheel to earn more coins. If you run out of coins you can always buy more within the game.

The sound track and effects are modern and pleasant, but you can turn them off if you want.

From our experience the game is fun and the big wins are there, but you need to stay persistent and manage your winning smartly.

Google Play Download Link: Free Hot Vegas Slot Machine 777

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