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Nowadays there are many fun educational apps that can take your imagination to the next level. Not only that you can read stories with these apps but also you can vote and determine its progress. If you love reading and writing then with this type of app you can co-create a story yourself. To make the search easier, we looked and we found one amazing book creator app that offers you to read, vote and become the co-creator of an epic adventure.

What is YourBook?

YourBook offers all lovers of telling stories and writing books the chance to become a co-creator of the most exciting epic adventure and create a book on their own. This book creator app is developed for Android users, very easy to use and extremely fun, offering basic in-app navigational guidance and various amazing features so you are able to determine the progress of the story. Have fun, use your imagination and enjoy creating an exciting story with this storytelling app.

YourBook Highlights

This book creator app will get you addicted to reading and writing fast. You can find currently two stories on this story app, the Warring Stars — Episode 1 and Futsal — Episode 1. Also, more stories are coming soon on the book app. To participate in the story of the storybook app, all you need is to vote for your desired outcome for the next chapter of the story.

Cast your vote and determine the story’s progress, using your own imagination on the educational app to co-create the most exciting story. On this app, you can also easily track your daily, weekly, monthly and all time rank depending on your voting within the app. The latest updates and news are available for you on a daily basis. The top voter of the month gets the chance to win the popularity reward offered by this amazing book creator app.

Download the app for free now on Google Play to vote and determine the progress of the epic adventure!

Google Play Download Link: YourBook

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